How do reward offers work?

In order to qualify for a reward offer, you must be logged into your vouchercloud account. This lets us know who to give the reward too.

Once you’re logged in follow the reward link, which is the link in the offer to the brand's website and make your purchase as soon as possible.

You must be careful not to click on any other site, pop-up or advert between clicking the reward link and making your purchase online. This could break the tracking for vouchercloud and we won’t be able to see your sale or that you’ve qualified for the reward. If you are unsure please always go back to the vouchercloud email or reward section and follow the link again.

Reward offers are not available for purchases where payment is made on collection instore or in conjunction with cashback sites or other offers or codes. Doing any of these things will invalidate the reward and we will not be able to provide it.

Once you’ve made your purchase you’ll be able to see that your reward is “pending” in your account under 'My Rewards' in the 'Activity Stream' tab. That means we’re waiting on confirmation from the brand that your purchase has gone through successfully. This can take some time is the case of certain brands & products, for example, holidays. If you return or cancel your purchase the brand won’t confirm your purchase and you won’t receive the reward.

Once your purchase has been confirmed by the brand we’ll email you to let you know your reward is ready to claim, which you need to do through the rewards section of your account. You’ll then have 30 days from this date to claim your reward. Once you’ve claimed your reward, if it’s a gift card you will have a limited amount of time to spend it. This amount of time varies depending on which gift card you have chosen. You’ll be able to see it in the gift card terms & conditions.

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