How do I use an offer?

We have two type of offers, online and in-store offers. Online offers need to be redeemed on a website and in-store offers need to be redeemed at the venue.

Once you find an offer you like you only need to click on the blue button “Use now” or "Get Code".

If you’re using an in-store offer it’s really important that you are at the venue when using the offer.

If it's an online offer you will be shown the code (if there is one) which you can copy to use at checkout or if this is an offer that doesn't require a code you will be directed to the site to see the discount or offer available.

Remember that some offers have limited number of usages, and once we deliver the code you won’t be able to see this code again. The app will let you know if an offer has limited uses so you don’t redeem the last one by mistake.

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    Enke-Mari Marx

    Why isn't this available in the app as an introduction or something. It's so easy and simple, but I was afraid to use the offers, because I didn't know what would happen when I did.

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